Pelegas Ltd. is a local Israeli leader in Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank and Pressurized Equipment fabrications. Pelegas has special production lines of LPG and Fuel tanks. Pelegas employs more than 100 workers, Palestinians & Israelis. Its Production facility strategically located in the center of the country, at the "Nitzanei Shalom" industrial zone, next to Highway #6, neighboring Palestinian city of Tulkarem.
Pelegas Ltd operating cooperatively within the manufacturing segment, of Brand Industries Group. Within our group Pelegas has developed unique strengths and innovations that make Pelegas leader in its respective markets. Whether if an ongoing supply program or small standard vessels needed or if a onetime very large engineered to spec pressure vessel or storage tank is needed, Pelegas's team is ready to meet customer's requirements and needs.
Pelegas is specializing in the design and manufacturing of LPG & Petrol pressure tanks, pressurized Air Tanks and provides site erection, installation and logistical services.


Carmor Ltd. is an Israeli company that manufactures tankers, aircraft refuelers, fire fighting trucks, armored vehicles and special purpose trailers.

Binekst Ltd. from Nextcom Brand Industries, brings you all the advantages of natural gas, turn-key project to convert the plant to natural gas, which saves you energy costs significantly!


Grand  Ofek Projects (GOP)

Grand Ofek Projects Ltd (GOP) is part of Brand Industries group Company, a leading international steel fabricator specializing in manufacturing of top quality products.

•GOP has several areas of specialty: Cranes, Bridges, Steel Structures, Pressure Parts & Equipment, Tanks & Pressure Vessels and more.

•GOP erects large-scale steel projects for the industrial, energy and civil sectors including construction, infrastructure and green energy


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